Goals and Expectations

  1. Improve baseline orthopaedic physical exam by the end of the student rotation.
  2. Obtain and present a pertinent orthopaedic history.
  3. Become more familiar with reading diagnostic labs, tests, radiographic exams, perform procedures, etc.
  4. 80% of the students time will be spent in the clinic as assigned by the lead PA for the service. The remaining time will be spent in the operating room.
  5. Students will take call one night a week until 11 p.m. This can be any day of the week, but should be once a week. Students are expected to come to clinic or OR on time post call, which is why we do not require over night call.
  6. Students will attend daily fracture conference and educational lectures.
  7. Students will attend weekly educational conferences for the assigned service at the discretion of the service lead PA.
  8. Reading assignments will be provided prior to the start of the rotation. Anatomy should be reviewed prior to the start of each service.
  9. Student will be expected to know special tests/exams for each sub-specialty.