Bone Fluid Flow

10th International Bone Fluid Flow Workshop

The 10th International Bone Fluid Flow Workshop was held in Hershey, Pennsylvania, USA on September 16 and 17, 2009.

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 Penn State Hershey University Conference Center


Program for the 10th International Bone Fluid Flow workshop.

Scientific and Organizing Committee

Local Committee

  • Henry J. Donahue, Ph.D., Penn State College of Medicine, Hershey
  • Tamara Pylawka, M.D., Penn State College of Medicine, Hershey
  • Karis Chin-Quee, Penn State College of Medicine, Hershey
  • Peter Govey, Penn State College of Medicine, Hershey
  • Ananya Das, Penn State College of Medicine, Hershey

 Invited Speakers

  • Abdul Barakat - How do Cells Respond to Different Types of Flow? Lessons from Vascular Endothelium
  • Peter Butler - Membrane Microdomains are Sensitive to Fluid Shear Stress
  • Susannah P. Fritton - Effects of estrogen depletion on the osteocyte microenvironment and interstitial fluid flow
  • Gaffar Gailani - Russian doll poroelasticity: A model for fluid transport in bone tissues
  • X. Edward Guo - Osteocytic network is more responsive than osteoblastic network under fluid flow
  • Jean X. Jiang - Mechanistic regulation of Cx43-hemichannels in osteocytes in response to fluid flow shear stress
  • Jenneke Klein-Nulend - Osteocyte morphology in human tibiae of different bone mineral density – is there a role for mechanosensing?
  • Yi-Xian Qin - Loading Duration and Rate on Mitigating Disuse Osteopenia by Dynamic Muscle Stimulation
  • Erwin Vogler - Osteobiology and Osteopathology In Vitro
  • Sheldon Weinbaum - Polarized Mechanotransduction in MLO-Y4 osteocytes using a novel stokesian fluid stimulus (SFS) probe
  • Clare Yellowley - Annexins in Osteoblast Mechanotransduction


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