Comprehensive Care for Routine and Complex Conditions of the Head and Neck

Penn State Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery provides advanced care for the full spectrum of diseases in the head and neck. Patients are thoroughly evaluated by our team of ear, nose and throat physicians and caregivers in order to make the most accurate diagnosis and treatment plan.

Our team of experts strive to fully evaluate your ear, nose, and throat symptoms and help you understand your illness. We evaluate and treat issues from the simple to the most complex. Treatments may include medications, therapies, and surgery customized to the disease process. 

Sinus and Nasal Disorders

Our team of otolaryngology specialists manage both routine and complex issues, including:

  • Chronic sinus infections
  • CSF leak repairs
  • Deviated septum
  • Nasal and sinus tumors
  • Nasal blockage
  • Nasal polyps

We can employ thorough evaluations of your symptoms, including the use of office endoscopy (small camera placed in your nose to provide detailed images of your problem area), radiologic imaging, and, in collaboration with our allergy colleagues, allergy testing. We employ the most advanced operative techniques and technology, including stereotactic image guidance sinus surgery and balloon dilation sinuplasty.

Voice Problems

Problems with swallowing and hoarseness may affect every day interactions with family and friends.  Our otolaryngologists will evaluate your symptoms in partnership with our Speech and Language Pathologists to determine your diagnosis and plan your treatment course.  This treatment may include medical and surgical management options. We employ advanced diagnostic tools to assess your voice and larynx, and have the ability to help you with everything from voice straining issues to vocal cord paralysis and laryngeal tumors.

Sleep Apnea

A good night’s sleep is never overrated. Sleep apnea is a common disorder, which may interrupt your sleep patterns nightly, and can have adverse effects on your whole body, placing you at elevated risk of medical problems later in life. We work with our sleep medicine colleagues to properly diagnose your sleep apnea, and can potentially provide you with surgical options to manage the disease.

Comprehensive General Neck Disorders Treated

To schedule an appointment with one of our general Otolaryngologists, please call (717) 531-6822.