Drug Discovery, Development, and Delivery Core

Director:  Kent Vrana, Ph.D.
Phone: 717-531-8285
Email: kev10@psu.edu

Lab Manager: Adam Beck, M.S.
Phone: 717-531-0003 extension 285094
Email: ajb40@psu.edu

Research Technician:  Jennifer Fritz
Phone: 717-531-0003 extension 28-5888
Email: jxf37@psu.edu

The Drug Discovery, Development and Delivery Core provides investigators with access to technological expertise enabling RNAi and compound library screening.

Services provided by the Core

  1. Drug Screening
  2. siRNA Screening
  3. Other information


The Drug Discovery, Development and Discovery Core is located in the Department of Pharmacology in the Hershey Center for Applied Research Building Room 3400.   (www.hersheyresearch.com)

Synergy Analysis

The Core now has available BioSoft's CalcuSyn software. This software allows one to determine whether two drugs act synergistically or not. For new users, the Core provides a training session that covers experimental design, data entry and analysis of results ($11.78). After training, investigators may arrange to do their own analysis ($3 per combination)  or have the Core perform the analysis ($10.77). We also have the capability to run your synergy assay.  Contact us to discuss pricing.

Transfection Optimization

The Core now provides transfection optimization using RNAiMax Lipofectamine.  This includes transfection reagents, scrambled siRNA and All Stars Cell Death control as a positive control.  Investigators may provide other positive controls related to their assay .