Welcome to the Employee Preferred Prescription Drug Plan

How to get started - Some Tips and Tricks!

  • Tell your prescriber whether you need a 30-day or a 90-day supply. Prescriptions will be filled for the quantity written and this will determine the location of your prescription. Mail delivery of ALL 90 day prescriptions is required after January 1, 2015.
  • Mailing will continue to occur from the UPC pharmacy until we move to our Hope Drive location.  All 90 day prescriptions will then be filled and mailed out of our Mail Order Pharmacy located at our Hope Drive location.  There will not be a pickup window at this pharmacy.  There will be a secure drop off box for prescriptions to be dropped off. 
  • To avoid delays with your prescription, please fill out the Employee Mail Order Prescription Form, especially the section with consent for storage of Credit Card information.  This form can also be:

o Picked up at the Outpatient Pharmacy;
o Accessed through the infonet Pharmacy home page

  •  Completed forms should be faxed (531-0110), or dropped off in the secure mailbox outside the UPC Pharmacy.
  •  All controlled substance prescriptions will be sent out via certified mail.
  • Employees who have an immediate need to start a maintenance prescription and cannot wait the standard 7-10 day turnaround time should have their physician e-prescribe a 30-day prescription to the Outpatient Pharmacy located in the UPC II building and preferably not the PSCI Pharmacy. This will eliminate confusion, longer wait times, and the need to transfer prescriptions between the Medical Center's pharmacies. This will also allow our patients going home to be discharged in a timely manner.
  • When having Mail Order prescriptions filled, please wait 7 business days for delivery before calling to check their status.  If you require your prescription sooner, have your prescription filled at the UPC pharmacy for a 30 day supply only and pickup on the same day. 
  •  E-mails are NOT sent for acute (30-day) prescriptions or any prescription requested to be filled the same day.

Drug Formulary:

Click here to access the PSMSHMC Highmark Formulary and determine if your drug is formulary. 

Prescription Refills:

  • The(IVR) or Automated Phone system 717-531-3909 is the preferred and FASTEST way to request REFILLS. Whenever possible, employees should use this automated phone system 717-531-3909 and your refill will automatically be put thru our system.  This IVR system will let you know if the rx has no refills or if the rx is too soon to be filled.
  • Check prescription bottles for remaining refills before placing a request. Otherwise, additional time will be required to get the renewal from the physician's office.

E-mail: employeemail@hmc.psu.edu