When children are seriously ill, injured, or recovering from major invasive surgery, the advanced medical technology which exists in the PICU at Penn State Children's Hospital is second to none. The PICU at Penn State Hershey Children’s Hospital is the only fully equipped and staffed pediatric ICU in Central PA.  Our staff of five  board-certified pediatric intensivists are supported by  our team of pediatric critical care nurse practitioners, pediatric critical care nurses, resident physicians, respiratory therapists, nutritionists, pharmacists, and social workers. These pediatric intensive care specialists interact with all of the other clinical departments and surgical and medical subspecialists to provide the clinical care necessary for these very ill children. They are a fully trained and knowledgeable team in the most advanced life-saving and support techniques available.

The PICU is equipped with all the necessary technology for full life support and monitoring, including mechanical ventilation, hemodynamic monitoring and support, renal dialysis, pre- and post-operative support of trauma patients, invasive and non-invasive neurointensive monitoring for treatment of brain injury, pre- and post-operative support of infants and children with heart disease, organ transplantation, toxicological emergencies, high frequency ventilation, nitric oxide therapy, and extracorporeal membrane oxygenation. The Pediatric Intensive Care Unit at the Penn State Children's Hospital is a leader in patient safety with it's protocols and statistics published in the medical literature. The PSHCH PICU has also repeatedly scored as one of the highest ranking PICU's when compared with a large sample of other pediatric ICU's with regard to survival rates of very sick infants and children. In addition, clinical research is in progress with the goal of advancing medical care for critically ill children throughout the world.

Both ground and air transportation with trained medical personnel is available for critically ill children.