Resident Testimonials

"Psychiatry is an evolving specialty, and is delicately balanced at the crux of new and exciting discoveries in the neurosciences, and age old but vitally important humanism. What I found most interesting about Penn State Hershey was the ability and freedom to seek your own balance between the two. There is a dedication to academic growth, which translates to more than just scholarly activity, but tries to encompass things which are more abstract-like critical thinking. The size of the program is smaller, and it encourages personal connections as well as retains a focus on the individual resident as opposed to a faceless group. The right work-life balance, lower cost of living, sense of safety in the physical environment and support from staff are added advantages. I have witnessed multiple ex-alumni return here after further education, or be associated in different roles with this system, something which speaks volumes as to the obvious draw of Hershey. Plus, it is like they say, "The sweetest place on earth

- Aum Pathare, M.D.  Class of 2015

"Having known since high school that I wanted to pursue a career in child psychiatry, there was ample time to consider where I would get further training once I finished my psychiatry residency in India.  Foundational in my search was the desire for a solid program that would prepare me to be a competent clinician and researcher.  That which particularly drew my attention to Penn State Hershey was a balanced program of biological psychiatry as well as an emphasis in psychotherapy.  The excellent training program provided all aspects of clinical and research efforts to ensure trainees acquired the knowledge and skills necessary to practice in an ever-evolving field.  I have been impressed by the countless research opportunities and the very supportive and encouraging faculty.  At my time of study there was no built in research track fir residents.  However, knowing my strong interest in clinical research, the department was most supportive and flexible in working with me to accommodate acquiring a Masters' degree in Public Health Science concurrent with my time of Residency training.  The training I had longed for and sought was amply provided.

In addition to wanting the best possible education for myself, I also strongly desired an environment that would be family-friendly.  When I emigrated to the United States I had a six-month old son.  Today, my boys are six and two years old.  Family is of the utmost importance to me.  Penn State makes a point of ensuring that we have time to dedicate to these most special people in our lives.  In addition, Hershey's small town atmosphere is ideal for raising a family.  We enjoy the tremendous cultural diversity the area has to offer – from the Amish community to enjoying local Indian food to watching Bollywood movies at the local cinema.  Not only that, but we are only a couple of hours away from many major cities that provide a nice weekend away.  And who can resist a few days at the shore?

Having found the ‘complete package' here, why look elsewhere to find a position during my last year of training?  I am glad I made the decision to come to Penn State Hershey and today I feel proud to say, "We are Penn State"!

- Raman Baweja, M.D., M.S.  Class of 2014 and current Psychiatry faculty

"I became interested in Penn State Hershey as I was looking for smaller more resident oriented training programs. I think the program here at Hershey easily fits the bill. I believe the training here is unique in many ways, including the education we get in patient care, and also in the didactic lectures and case conferences. Our didactics are protected so we are not required to be anywhere else during that time in which we are meant to learn about psychopharmacology and Psychtherapy and everything in between. The faculty here are world class and provide very uniquely different perspectives allowing you to see many different ways of practicing psychiatry. In this way, you can develop your own personal style of practicing. There are ample opportunities for research if that is your interest and it is encouraged here. The rural setting of the main hospital is nice on those mornings when you know you only have a quick five minute drive to work and don't have to sit in an hour long commute. The cost of living is really great for a resident salary. I am very happy with my decision to come the Penn State Hershey"

- Channing Slate, M.D.  Class of 2013

"The residency program here has trained me very well. I feel confident what I have learned at Penn State will translate in my ability to be an effective attending after I graduate. Aside from the good biological teaching here we have been really blessed to have a wonderful psychotherapy focused program director. When not focusing on work the residents enjoy each other's friendships as well as the many opportunities to relax. There is ample opportunity to go camping, hiking, and exploring Dutch country Pennsylvania. My wife and I also enjoy the proximity to large cities such as New York, Washington DC, and Philadelphia as well. I am really glad I chose the Penn State Residency Program and with its strong training and reputation I have plenty of choices in academic and community psychiatry from which to choose.

- Binh Dinh, M.D.  Class of 2011