Penn State Hershey Radiology

As physicians it is our honor and our privilege to provide the best of care for the patients who entrust their health and lives to us daily. As radiologists, we use our eyes as our diagnostic tools, and our hands in minimally invasive image guided interventions.

Here at Penn State Hershey Medical Center, we have the additional missions of education and research. It is our joy to train the physicians and radiologists of the future. In this time of such rapid change in technology, it is insufficient to train our young doctors in how we currently practice, but also in how to maintain this learning process throughout their lives.

Radiology research is a vital part of our department; helping devise the technologies that will save future lives and training the imaging scientists who will carry on this work. Clinical trials, studies investigating the benefit of current imaging capabilities in detecting disease and following response to treatment, will become an even more important part of our practice in the years ahead.  More...