Clinical Retreat Summary and Goals

Clinical Retreat Summary and Departmental Strategic Goals


The retreat was organized under 3 discussion topics:
How do we measure and reward work with multiple missions?
How do we want to work?
Future of radiology


  1. The conclusions from these topics were to develop stronger divisional based leadership where management decision would be made after careful analysis of divisional strengths and needs.
  2. Identify divisional infrastructural needs in terms of technological support and personnel.
  3. Investigate local and regional opportunities to enhance market share. This would also evolve from looking at divisional resources to see what would be the best fit. As an example establishing local partnerships versus teleradiology versus development of new service lines could vary from division to division depending on their strengths, needs and opportunity.
  4. Division would be charged with looking at barrier to expansion of services.


Departmental Strategic Goals

As developed from the Radiology Retreats January 25th to February 8th 2010
GOAL:  Establish mission based management at a Divisional level:
  • Establish a forum for frequent inter-Divisional communication
  • Integrate and incent research efforts at the Division level
  • Promote faculty development and mentoring
  • Develop and implement educational curricula focused on objective outcomes measures
  • Actively participate in development of operational and capital equipment budgets
  • Develop entrepreneurial endeavors that leverage divisional strengths and needs

 GOAL: Provide an infrastructure to support common mission focused activities across all Radiology Divisions:

  • Implement new technology to provide effective data mining of clinical case material to support clinical management, education, clinical research, safety and quality of care
  • Support research: training, clinical trials support, grant management and research support staff
  • Establish clinical support structure (e.g.: Radiology Assistants)

GOAL:  Establish integrated continuous quality improvement program:

  • Establish training in the methodology of continuous quality improvement
  • Identify and validate quantitative measures for objective assessment of outcomes
  • Communicate CQI results and best practices within and between Divisions