Prepare Application

This application guide is to be used only with Funding Opportunity Announcements using the SF424 (R&R) form.
Sample Application Packages (Not to be used for actual funding opportunities - for practice only)

Avoid Common Errors

  • Missing Commons User ID
    Did you leave out the Commons PI User ID in the credential field on the Senior/Key Person section? It is one of the most common errors made by applicants. The field is not marked as required on the application form, but is required by NIH as indicated in the application instructions in the SF424 (R&R) Application Guide. The assigned Commons User ID (the unique name used to log into the system) for anyone assigned the PD/PI role must be entered in the field called “Credential, e.g. agency login.” This field is located on the Senior/Key Person Profile(s) component of the grant application (in the first section called “Profile – Project Director/Principal Investigator” underneath the phone field).
  • Total Cost Does Not Equal Direct and Indirect Costs
    Check your math on this one. Ensure that the direct costs and the indirect costs (G + H) on Section F-K must EQUAL the Total Direct and Indirect Costs (G + H) on the Cumulative Budget page. Only whole numbers should be used on the budget page, no decimals. Round calculations DOWN to the nearest dollar. IDC rates cannot exceed 99 on any line.
  • Missing DUNS number in the eRA Commons
    Institutional Profile DUNS for applicant organization must match DUNS recorded in the Commons for that organization. PSUCOM DUNS No: 1293486
  • Missing PD/PI Personnel entry on Detailed Budget Page
    There must be a Personnel entry listed for the PD/PI on the Detailed Budget Page for budget year 1. [#1 of the Research & Related Budget – Section A & B (budget year 1)]. The name given for the PD/PI for the budget year must match the name given for the PD/PI on the Senior/Key Person form.
  • The state code for US or Canada is invalid
    Use the provided two-digit abbreviation for all state code entries. Please do not enter any periods or punctuation.