Check Submission Status

  • Once an application has been submitted, and eRA Commons will send a series of status email notifications. sends notifications to the Authorized Organization Representative (AOR) only; eRA Commons sends notifications to the AOR/Signing Official (SO) and the Principal Investigator (PI).
  • Email can be unreliable – PIs should proactively check the status of their applications in eRA Commons after submission.

  1. Login to eRA Commons with your Principal Investigator (PI) account Username and Password.
  2. Click the Status tab to view the PI status. Find application that shows “eSubmission Error” in Application Status. Follow the link on the Application ID to see specific error/warning messages.
  3. View the list of eSubmission Errors/Warnings. Errors must be addressed before the application can move on.
  4. Applicants should refer to the application guide and announcement instructions for guidance on the expected values for specific fields.
  5. The Avoiding Common Errors section of the Electronic Submission of Grant Applications website is another valuable source of information.
  6. If (after using the available resources) you are unable to identify and address the errors in your application, please contact the eRA Helpdesk via Web Support.
  7. After making all corrections to the application forms, the entire changed/corrected application must be resubmitted through Once an error-free application is received, the eRA system will assemble the application and make the grant image available to the PI and Signing Official for a final check.
  8. You are not finished! The application must be assembled by NIH and should be verified by the PI.