Faculty Handbook

In order to meet sponsor guidelines and provide project information, the University uses the Proposal Internal Approval Form (PIAF). The department research support staff circulates the form for signatures, approvals, and compliances required by the sponsor and the University.

Because the preparation, review, and processing of proposals takes considerable time and staff effort. Completed proposal should be submitted to The Office of Research Affairs at least ten (10) business days prior to the sponsor deadline. After the PI and any Co-investigators have signed the PIAF, the proposal must be approved by the Department Chair and the Director of The Office of Research Affairs.

Following is a brief list of forms required for the application process. While not an exhaustive list, it may be helpful for introducing new research personnel to some of the forms they might encounter. The PI and administrative personnel must read and understand the grant guidelines and/or instructions, as well as partner with the appropriate research compliance department with oversight of that particular area (e.g. IRB, IACUC, Biosafety).