Search For Funding

A number of search engines can be used by investigators to identify funding opportunities for sponsored projects. The Community of Science (COS), GrantSearch and GrantSelect databases listed below cover the entire range of sponsors while others are focused on designated sponsors or types of sponsors (e.g. NIH, foundations, or corporations). Some of these services will send email notification of any new funding opportunities in designated areas to investigators who register for this service. All of the search engines listed below can be used without charge by Penn State investigators although some ancillary services may require special subscriptions. COS offers a variety of search options that are also useful for identifying potential collaborators and Penn State encourages faculty members to add their profiles to the COS Expertise database.

Research Development staff identify all new health-related funding opportunities and distribute them upon request to investigators with interests in those areas. In addition, Research Development staff will assist investigators in identifying potential sponsors for unique projects. Contact us for additional information or assistance.

Funding Opportunity Resources