Internal Grant Awards

Internal Grant Submissions Recommended for Award 2014

Grace Woodward Collaborative Grants in Engineering and Medicine

  • Keefe B. Manning, PhD & John P. Boehmer, MD, Acquired von Willebrand syndrome in LVAD patients and the role of shear stress
  • Tao Yao, PhD & Xuemei Huang, MD, Folded concave penalized learning for Parkinson's biomarkers identification

Transformative Research Pilot Projects

  • Henry Donahue, PhD, 3D printing of personalized artificial bone constructs having stem cell mobilizing nanotopographic surfaces
  • John Flanagan, PhD, Nanodiscs as a vehicle for rapid throughput membrane protein characterizations
  • Robert Levenson, PhD, Restoration of (WLS) Function: A Novel Approach for the Pharmacotherapy of Opioid Addiction
  • Ian Simpson, PhD, Astrocyte-Neuron Transformation: A Novel Approach to Stroke Recovery
  • Jianxun(Jim) Song, PhD, Fundamental properties of tissue-associated HSC-Tregs that relate to anti-autoimmunity

Internal Grant Submissions Recommended for Award 2013

Resubmission Grants

  • Lisa Shantz, PhD-Role of mTorin repair of UVB-induced DNA damage
  • Channe Gowda, PhD-Therapeutic Targeting of Malarial Placental Cytoadherence
  • Wafik El-deiry, MD, PhD-Targeting the oncogenic mutant p53 signaling in colorectal cancer therapy
  • Leslie Parent, MD-Nuclear Trafficking of the Retroviral Gag Protein
  • JoseĀ“ Stoute, MD-Mechanism of Red Cell Invasion by Malaria: Role of Antibodies and Complement
  • Susan Hafenstein, PhD-Mechanisms of Enterovirus Entry

Junior Faculty Research Scholar Awards

  • Joslyn Kirby, MD-Development and application of an alternative reimbursement model for actinic keratoses
  • Greg Lewis, PhD-Development and Testing of Novel Simulation Technology for Fracture Treatment Education
  • Daniel Morgan, PhD-Does enhanced cannabinoid receptor 1 (CB1) signaling increase the risk of drug abuse?

Grace Woodward Collaborative Grants in Engineering and Medicine

  • Sheereen Majd, PhD-Engineering and James Connor, PhD-Neurosurgery - Targeted Delivery of a Potent Anti-Proliferative Metal Chelator to Brain Tumors
  • Thomas Wood, PhD-Engineering and Charles Davis, MD - Orthopaedics - Development of Treatment methods to Combat Recurring Biofilm - Based Infections on Prosthetic Knees