Internal Grant Awards

Internal Grant Submissions Recommended for Award

2012 Resubmission Grants

1. Alaa Awad, MD - Chemokines and Immune Cells in diabetic Nephropathy

2.  Christopher Yengo, PhD - Spectroscopic Studies of Cardiac Myosin Structure

3.  James Connor, PhD - Development of a Nanotechnology Platform for
Delivery of siRNA to cancer cells

4.  Sue Grigson, PhD - Determining the Neurochemical Profile of Addiction in Near Real Time

5.  Carla Gallagher, PhD - UGT genetic variants and colorectal cancer risk

6.  Nancy Olsen, MD - Risk Profiling in Lupus

7. Steven Schiff, MD, PhD - Feedback Control of the Neonatal Septisome and Hydrocephalus in Sub-Saharan Africa

8.  Ian Simpson, PhD - Characterizing a new mouse model to study diabetes and stroke

9.  Leslie Parent, MD - Interplay between Retroviruses and Retrotransposons

10. Jeffery Sample, PhD - Posttranscriptional Mechanisms Regulating Epstein-Barr Virus Latent Infection

2012 Grace Woodward Grants for Collaborative Research in Engineering and Medicine

1. Srinivas Tadigadapa,PhD & W. Brian Reeves, MD - Development of calorimetric sensing system for real-time creatinine clearance measurements

2. Thyagarajan Subramanian, MD & Zhiwen Liu, PhD - Novel optogenetic neuromodulation

2012 Penn State Hershey Cancer Institute Pilot Projects

(Co-funded by the Penn State Hershey Cancer Institute and the College of Medicine)

1. Gary Clawson, PhD & Gail Matters, PhD - Targeting Pancreatic Cancer with Aptamers to the CCK-B Receptor

2. Robert Paulson, PhD - Analysis of the role of YAP1 in the self renewal of leukemia stem cells

3. Jianxun Song, PhD - Reprogramming HBV-specific CTLs from stem cells for cell-based therapies

4.  Kevin Staveley-O'Carroll, MD, PhD & Guangfu Li, PhD -Immunological & Anti-tumor Mechanisms of LipC6 Treatment in a Murine Model of HCC

5. Stephen Wilson, PhD - Enhancing Smokers' control over Brain Reward Circuitry Using fMRI Neurofeedback

6. Jussuf Kaifi, MD, PhD - Perioperative Circulating Tumor Cell Detection in Stage IV Colorectal Cancer

7. Douglas Stairs, PhD - Investigating the Mechanisms of Esophageal Squamous Cell Carcinoma Invasion

8. David Stewart, MD - Cellular Mechanisms of Anal Cancer Usinig HPV Infected Organotypic Cultures

9. Yoshinori Takahashi, PhD - Induction of NSCLC Cell Death Through Autophagy-Mediated Apoptosis


2011 Grace Woodward Grants for Collaborative Research in Engineering and Medicine

1.  Robert Bonneau, PhD and Kevin Houser, PhD - Immune Response in Seniors Receiving Light Therapy

2.  Justin Brown, PhD and Christopher Niyibizi, PhD - Directed Differentiation of Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells (iPSC) by Nanofiber Matices

3.  William Hancock, PhD and Christopher Yengo, PhD - Single-molecule nanomechanical investigations of cardiomyopathy-linked myosin motors

2011 Patient-Based Discovery Research with Electronic Medical Records

Robert Aronoff, MD and Arthur Berg, PhD - Using high dimensional models to predict 30-day readmission after heart failure

2011 Junior Faculty Research Scholar Award

1. Ping Du, MD, PhD - Factors Related to New and Persistent Anal HPV Infections in a Longitudinal Cohort of HIV+ Women

2. Susan Hafenstein, PhD - Structural Studies of Virus and Receptor Interactions

2011 Resubmission Grants

1. Christopher Lynch, PhD - Role of Leucine Metabolism in Leucine Signaling

2. Willard Freeman, PhD - Insulin therapy-resistant epigentic modifications in diabetic retinopathy

3. Leonard (Jim) Jefferson, PhD - Anabolic Resistance Mediates Inactivity-Induced Atrophy of Skeletal Muscle

4. Leslie Parent, MD - Building Blocks of Immature Retrovirus Particles

5. Christopher Lynch, PhD - Role of Leucine Metabolism in Leucine Signaling