Internal Grant Awards

Internal Grant Submissions Recommended for Award 2015

Team Research Acceleration Grants (Planning Grant RFA)

  • Xuemei Huang, MD, PhD-The role of stain in Parkinson's diseaase

  • Gavin Robertson, PhD-Targeting Cholesterol Synthesis and Transport in Melanoma

  • Sue Grigson, PhD-Heroin Addiction and Individual Vulnerability

  • James Connor, PhD-Development of Immune Cell-Guided Drug Delivery Strategy for Brain Cancer

  • Lawrence Sinoway, MD-Neural Control of Renal Medullary Oxygenation

Innovation and Impact Pilot Research Projects

  • Sergei Grigoryev, PhD-Ultrastructural study of chromatin unfolding during NETosis

  • Thyagarajan Subramanian, MD-Novel optogenetic and chemogentic model for Parkinson's disease

  • Todd Schell, PhD-Combining Immunotherapy with ß-Adrenergic Blockade for Treatment of Melanoma

  • Fang Tian, PhD-In Situ Structural Analysis of Membrane Proteins by NMR

Grace Woodward Collaborative Grants in Engineering and Medicine

  • Yong Wang, PhD-COE and Henry Donahue, PhD-COM - Hydrogel/Bone Composites for Segmental Bone Defect Healing

  • Nanyin Zhang, PhD-COE and Kevin Alloway, PhD-COM - Optogenetic Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging in Awake Rodents

PSU Pathway to Partnerships Teams

  • Cynthia Chuang, Guangqing Chi, Marianne Hillemeier

  • Cynthia Chuang, Collins Airhihenuwa, Rhonda Belue

  • Aman Dhawan, Gregory Lewis, Akhlesh Lakhtakia

  • Donald Gill, Ping Nian He, Mohamed Trebak

  • Gail Matters, James Adair, Gary Clawson

  • Timothy Mosher, John Yen, Michael Bruno

  • Ian Paul, Kateryna Makova, Stephen Matthews

  • Nazia Raja-Khan, Jennifer Frank, Mark Greenberg

  • Brian Reeves, Ping Nian He, Mohamed Trebak

  • Kristin Sznajder, Nkuchia M'ikanatha, Nicole Hackman

Junior Faculty Research Scholar Awards

  • Nick Buchkovich, PhD-Does human cytomegalovirus require an ESCRT for cytoplasmic envelopment

  • Milena Bogunovic, PhD-Intestinal Muscularis Macrophages and Intestinal Homeostasis

  • Andrew Foy, MD-Development of an Enhanced Decision Aid for Patients Who Present to the Emergency       Department with Chest Pain but No Myocardial Infarction and are Candidates for Cardiac Stress Testing

Bridge Grants

  • John Ellis, PhD - Structure/Function of Allosteric Sites on Muscarinic Acetylcholine Receptors

  • Edward Gunther, MD - Optimizing Mouse Modeling Strategies for Improved Analysis of Mammary Clone Termination

  • Nancy Olsen, MD - Targeting RAS Gene Pathways in Arthritis

Internal Grant Submissions Recommended for Award 2014

Bridge Grants

  • William Kovacs, MD - Gonadal Steroid Hormone Action in the Humoral Immune System 

  • Andras Hajnal, MD, PhD - Mechanisms of altered neural functions after gastric bypass surgery 

  • Leonard (Jim) Jefferson, - PhD-Diabetes-Induced Alterations in Translational Control Mechanisms in the Liver 

  • Janette McAllister, PhD - Functional Analysis of PCOS Candidate Genes 

Research Partnership Awards for Established Investigators

  • Rebecca Craven, PhD - Functional studies of herpes virus tegument protein UL21

Grace Woodward Collaborative Grants in Engineering and Medicine

  • Keefe B. Manning, PhD & John P. Boehmer, MD, - Acquired von Willebrand syndrome in LVAD patients and the role of shear stress

  • Tao Yao, PhD & Xuemei Huang, MD, - Folded concave penalized learning for Parkinson's biomarkers identification

Transformative Research Pilot Projects

  • Henry Donahue, PhD, - 3D printing of personalized artificial bone constructs having stem cell mobilizing nanotopographic surfaces

  • John Flanagan, PhD, - Nanodiscs as a vehicle for rapid throughput membrane protein characterizations

  • Robert Levenson, PhD, - Restoration of (WLS) Function: A Novel Approach for the Pharmacotherapy of Opioid Addiction

  • Ian Simpson, PhD, - Astrocyte-Neuron Transformation: A Novel Approach to Stroke Recovery

  • Jianxun(Jim) Song, PhD, - Fundamental properties of tissue-associated HSC-Tregs that relate to anti-autoimmunity

  • Jose Stoute, MD, - Development of Artificial Red Cells as a Tool to Understand the Biology of Malaraia Parasites