Research Compliance

Sponsored research at Penn State University and Penn State Milton S. Hershey Medical Center is governed in part by both federal regulations and institutional policies that collectively help to ensure the responsible conduct of research. This includes but is not limited to the protection of human research volunteers, the safety of research personnel, the humane treatment of research animals, the appropriate stewardship of research funds, and maintaining the ethics, integrity and objectivity of the research process. Additional information regarding research compliance can be obtained from the contacts below:


Animal Care and Use
Robert H. Bonneau Ph.D., Chair
Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee
Phone 717-531-8460

Biological Safety & Recombinant DNA
Ralph Keil, Ph.D.
Chair, Biosafety Subcommittee
Phone 717-531-8595

Financial Management
Wayne W. Zolko
Corporate Controller
Phone 717-531-8084

Grant and Contract Management
Stephanie Johnson
Director, Grants Administration
Phone 717-531-8495

Barbara Suchanec
Director, Contracts
Phone 717-531-4196

Human Subjects Protection
Patricia Gordon, MD
Chair, Institutional Review board
Human Subjects Protection Office
Phone 717-531-8027

Matthew Junkins, Manager
Biological & Environmental Health
Phone 717-531-5540

Conflict of Interest Coordinator
Richard B. Mailman, PhD
Chair, Conflict of Interest Committee
Phone 717-531-3666

Research Leadership
Leslie Parent, MD
Vice Dean for Research and Graduate Studies
Phone 717-531-7199

Sheila Vrana, Ph.D.
Associate Dean for Basic Research
Phone 717-531-7559

Neal Thomas, M.D.
Associate Dean for Clinical Research
Phone 717-531-5337

William Bird, DO
Associate Dean for Primary Care Research, Interim
Phone 717-531-8187

Joseph Jilka, PhD
Associate Dean for Research Innovation
Director, Office of Technology Development
Phone 717-531-8496

Charles Lang, Ph.D.
Interim Associate Dean for Graduate Studies
Phone 717-531-8892