GME Administration

Statement of Commitment to Graduate Medical Education

Penn State Hershey is fully committed to the education of health care professionals and providers as part of its core mission. This includes, but certainly is not limited to, allocation of substantial resources to support the educational programs, including those in graduate medical education. Penn State Hershey will continue to provide the educational environment and opportunities to meet the needs of all students and trainees.

The Graduate Medical Education (GME) Committee is committed to offer graduate medical education programs in which physicians in training develop personal, clinical and professional competence under the guidance and supervision of the faculty and staff. Graduate Medical Education Programs will ensure the progression of responsibilities through demonstrated clinical experience, knowledge and skill. Penn State Hershey is committed to and responsible for promoting patient safety and resident well-being and to providing a supportive educational environment.

Graduate Medical Education (GME) Committee

The GME Committee oversees the education, research and patient care practices of residents and fellows throughout the Medical Center. The Committee ensures that each residency and fellowship program provides quality educational experiences and meets the requirements set forth in the ACGME Special Requirements for each accredited program. Further, the Committee monitors and coordinates issues applicable or common to all programs, such as those raised by external accreditation agencies (AMA, AAMA, ACGME, NRMP). Dr. Don Flemming, Associate Designated Institutional Official serves as Chair.

Graduate Medical Education Committee Membership 2013/2014
Committee Member Position Title
Flemming, Don M.D., Chair, GMEC Associate DIO and Chair, GMEC 
Bollard, Ted, M.D. Associate Dean for GME and DIO
Aber, Robert, M.D. Chair, Medicine
Black, Kevin, M.D. Chair, Orthopaedics
Brechbill, Alan Chief Operating Officer
Caputo, Greg, M.D. Chief Quality Officer
Church, Ephraim Resident III, Neurosurgery
Dillon, Peter, M.D. Chair, Surgery
Eckert, Jill, D.O. Program Director, Anesthesia
Freer, Carol, M.D.  Chief Medical Officer
Haley, Kevin Chief Financial Officer
Han, David, M.D. Vice Chair for Education, Surgery
Kass, Lawrence, M.D.  Vice Chair for Education, Emergency Medicine
Leite, Kelly, M.D. Pediatrics
Mackay, Donald, M.D. Program Director, Plastic Surgery
Repke, John T., M.D. Chair, OB/GYN
Riley, Meghan, M.D. Resident II, Pathology
Sheehan, Jonas M.D.  Program Director, Neurosurgery
Singh, Harjit, M.D. Director of Education, Radiology
Sloan, Richard, M.D. Director of Education, York Hospital
Welch, Amy, M.D. Resident IV, Gastroenterology
Wilkinson, Lee, M.D. Resident 4, Pathology
Wolpaw, Terry, M.D. Vice Dean for Educational Affairs
Zalatimo, Omar, M.D.  Resident V, Neurosurgery
Herman, Beth K., M.P.A Manager, GME
Ex-Officio Members:  
Abendroth, Kit, M.D. Resident Ombudsperson
Pees, Richard, M.D. Resident Ombudsperson
Paz, Harold, M.D. Senior Vice President for Health Affairs and Dean; Chief Executive Officer