Physician Resources

At Penn State Respiratory Care, we take pride in making sure our patients and families have the resources they need. This all begins with the close-knit, upbeat team we have assembled.

Read what our team has to say!

  • "The inclusion of the staff in many decisions and the team atmosphere makes this a great place to work."
  • "Penn State Hershey Medical Center is full of new technologies that keep my skills as a therapist up to date and accurate."
  • "The Medical Center has always been an "exciting" place to work. It's fast paced. If you are looking for an "every day the same" kind of place, this isn't for you. I consider change a challenge and we are always upgrading services and goals to insure maximum patient care. The patient's welfare is the bottom line."
  • "You're always a part of the process here. Everybody is needed. We all get along well and seem to accept each other's differences, acknowledging our right to be different within the confines of propriety. I don't foresee that changing about the hospital or our department."
  • "I enjoy having the opportunity to use my knowledge about children and premature infants. I also enjoy having the respect of the physicians and other staff as I am part of the neonatal-pediatric team."