Penn State Hershey Clinical Simulation Center is an institutionally supported collaboration housed within the Department of Medical Education. The Center is dedicated to advancing the state of the art in medical simulation. To this end, we incorporate the latest equipment and methodologies into our curricula, as well as develop, test, and validate new educational tools.

The initial collaboration between the Departments of Anesthesiology, Surgery and Nursing has grown into a whole-hospital facility. Because of our interdisciplinary approach, we are able to take advantage of expertise in a number of areas and incorporate them into a curriculum or program as it is undergoing development. This is true not only of multiple disciplines, but also of multiple educational levels. Additional information is available about our facility.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Penn State Hershey Clinical Simulation Center is to improve patient outcomes by providing innovative programs which promote and enhance clinical competence, teamwork skills, and interdisciplinary collaboration. As the field of healthcare simulation advances, the Center will continue to support both independent and collaborative research on the value and promise of simulation theory, practice, and technology.