Comprehensive Pain Management

Chronic pain in patients with spine-related disorders restrains normal lifestyle by affecting patients' physical and emotional well-being. When chronic pain cannot be reduced by conventional medical treatment or physical therapy, the patient becomes a candidate for comprehensive pain management. Penn State Health Spine Center is composed of anesthesiologists, surgeons, interventional neuroradiologists, physiatrists, physical therapists and other specialists working closely together. Our goal is to decrease pain and improve function and quality of life of our patients.

Board-certified pain management physicians and highly trained nurses provide the latest treatment modalities that include:

  • Comprehensive evaluation including ordering diagnostic studies as necessary
  • Diagnostic and therapeutic procedures
  • Recommendations for medical management
  • Referrals to other specialists
  • Referral to a multi-disciplinary pain rehabilitation program with a strong emphasis on behavioral modification and self-directed treatment modalities
  • Patient education

Our patients are evaluated in conjunction with our spine surgeons who are readily available for rendering their expert opinion. This reduces the redundancy and saves time for our patients. We coordinate our treatment with primary care physicians with an emphasis on such life style changes as weight reduction and smoking cessation, promoting self-management techniques and decreasing the reliance on health care facilities.