The Penn State Hershey SURF Program in Cardiovascular Disease is supported by a grant from the American Heart Association.  The program provides support for students to spend 10-weeks in a basic or clinical research laboratory focused on cardiovascular research.  In addition to a career development seminar series, the SURF program includes a weekly cardiovascular physiology refresher course and weekly cardiovascular research seminar, in which students will have the opportunity to interact with basic science researchers and clinical cardiologists.

Penn State College of Medicine is committed to equal opportunity and maximizing our diversity, and thus encourages applications from women, underrepresented minorities, persons with disabilities, or persons who represent the first generation in their family to attend college.

SURF fellows receive a $4 K stipend for 10 weeks.  On-campus housing is also available at an affordable rate.

Apply to the SURF Program.

 The following lists of Faculty Mentors include those who participated in the programs in 2012.  To learn more about research conducted by these investigators and their expertise, click on the nmae of the investigator.  This will direct you to their entry in our Penn State Profile.  The faculty participating in the 2012 programs will be listed when this information becomes available.


Track 1 - Circulatory Control and Hypertension

Gregory Holmes Neural & Behavioral Sciences 
Marc Kaufman Anesthesiology 
Urs Leuenberger Cardiology
Jianhua Li  Cardiology
Lawrence Sinoway  Cardiology 
Christopher Sciamanna  Internal Medicine
Sean Stocker Physiology

 Track 2 - Renal Function & Injury

Vernon Chinchilli Public Health Sciences
Alaa Awad Nephrology
W. Brian Reeves Nephrology


 Track 3 - Cardiac Physiology & Heart Failure

Charles Lang Physiology
Omar Quintero Physiology
Gerson Rosenberg Surgery
Christopher Yengo Physiology

 Track 4 - Vascular Biology & Dysfunction

Mary Lott Cardiology
Kevin Monahan Cardiology
Ian Simpson Neural & Behavioral Sciences


 Track 5 - Diabetes, Metabolism and Obesity

Kirsteen Browning Neural & Behavioral Sciences
Andras Hajnal Neural & Behavioral Sciences
Leonard Jefferson Physiology
Mark Kester Pharmacology
Scot Kimball Physiology
Christopher Lynch Physiology
Yuguang Shi Physiology
Renato Travagli Neural & Behavioral Sciences



AHA-SURF Director

The Director of the American Heart Association SURF program is Dr. Sean D. Stocker.  Dr. Stocker's laboratory employs molecular,  neurophysiological, and systems physiology to understand how the central nervous system contributes to cardiovascular disease such as obesity and salt-sensitive hypertension.  His research is funded by the National Institutes of Health and the American Heart Association.

Members of the AHA-SURF Advisory Board: