Faculty Development

Through the talents and reputation of its faculty, The Department of Surgery at Penn State is nationally and internationally recognized for its excellence in patient care, research, and education. It is, therefore, the obligation of the Department to provide opportunities and resources for its faculty to develop areas of expertise and scholarship as a process of career development.

The Department of Surgery is committed to supporting the career development of all faculty members through the successful accomplishment of individual goals and institutional expectations. In a period of escalating demands for ever-multiplying types of time-intensive efforts, it is important that there be a coordinated, departmental support system to help faculty identify and achieve individual career goals.

Indeed, the core missions of our institution are very closely tied to scholarly activity. Individuals are likely to feel valued in our environment through academic achievement. Likewise, the Department of Surgery, although a clinical Department, will be most healthy by preserving a balance between clinical and academic activity. The Faculty Development Program for the Department of Surgery is designed to support each faculty member along with his or her Division Chief and the Department Chair in navigating the requirements for academic promotion and in ensuring the attainment of those goals. This program serves as a resource for Department of Surgery faculty members in their academic development.

This program does not supplant the role of the Chair or the Division Chiefs in the individualized mentoring process that is the foundation for academic career development. To the contrary, this program is designed to make existing efforts better and more understandable to faculty members. It should also be understood that it is ultimately the responsibility of individual faculty members to build and monitor her / his own career. The program focuses on faculty at the Assistant and Associate Professor levels, in tenure-track and fixed-term appointments, by providing review and advice to the individual faculty member and her/his Division Chief.