Diabetic Foot

Specially trained physical therapists provide expert care in:

  • Managing foot complications in diabetics
  • Emphasizing wound healing
  • Wound debridement
  • Application of total contact casting to offload pressure
  • Pain management
  • Charcot neuropathy management

Our therapists may recommend and prescribe custom shoes, orthotics and/or braces for pressure relief. Prosthetics and Orthotics staff will advise, construct, and modify orthotics and braces to provide comprehensive care in the management of these conditions.

Therapy sessions may also include gait training with custom shoes and assistive devices with goals for pressure relief, wound healing, and safe, efficient mobility.

Patient and family education includes instruction in the proper application of various dressings to facilitate wound healing and review of custom-made shoe wearing schedules to reduce risks of wound reoccurrence.