Crystallization Robot

It was agreed that the robot would NOT be user-run. If you need to use it, please contact the Facility Manager.


Users must sign up for time first before use. We have two microscopes, one primarily for viewing crystals (microscope 1) and a second primarily for mounting crystals (microscope 2). Microscope 2 is fitted with a digital camera mount, which will accommodate any digital camera that has either a 43 mm internal thread or a 37 mm internal thread.

After use, the user needs to clean the microscope area.

Crystallization Screen Score Sheets

Hampton Screen Score Sheets

Additive  Screen I (PDF) Additive Screen II (PDF) Additive Screen III (PDF) Ammonium Sulfate Screen (Excel) Crystal Screen I (Excel)
Crystal Screen II (Excel) Crystal Lite Screen (Excel) Crystal Cyro Screen (Excel) Index Screen (Excel) Membfac Screen (Excel)
MPD Screen (Excel) Natrix Screen (Excel) PEG6K Screen (Excel) PEG-ion Screen (Excel) PEG LiCl Screen (Excel)
Quick Screen (Excel) Salt Rx Screen (Excel) Sodium-malonate (Excel) Sodium-Chloride (Excel)  


NEXTAL Screen Score Sheets

The AmSO4 Screen (PDF, Excel) The Anions Screen (PDF, Excel) The Cations Screen (PDF, Excel)  The Classics Screen (PDF, Excel)
 The Classics Lite Screen (PDF, Excel)  The Cryos Screen (PDF, Excel)  The MbClass Screen (PDF, Excel)  The MbClass II Screen (PDF, Excel)
 The MPDs Screen (PDF, Excel)  The Pegs Screen (PDF, Excel)  The pHClear Screen (PDF, Excel)  The pHClear II Screen (PDF)