• IUCr - International Union of Crystallography (United Kingdom)
  • ACA - American Crystallographic Association
  • BioSync - US Synchrotron Beamlines for Macromolecular Crystallography

Databases and Servers

  • The RCSB Protein Data Bank
  • The CCDC Home Page
  • Heavy Atom Databank - Database of heavy atom derivatives and structures
  • HIC-Up server - Hetero-compound Information Centre - Uppsala
  • Metalloprotein Database and Browser
  • The Protein Structure Database (PSdb)
  • Nucleic Acid Database Project (NDB)
  • BMCD - Biological macromolecule crystallization database
  • CRYSTOOL - Computing of a high efficiency screening protocol for crystals
  • Explore Symmetry On-line symmetry information like the International Tables 
  • CAST server - Pocket/Cavity calculations - Univ. Illinois at Chicago
  • Dali server - 3D structure comparisons
  • EDS (Electron Density Server) server
  • GRASS -Graphical Representation and Analysis of Structure Server 
  • MolProbity - Richardson's MolProbity server (requires Java)
  • PRODRG Server - Dundee, UK - convert coordinates into topology files 
  • Merohedral Crystal Twinning Server - Todd Yeates and Barry Fam at UCLA Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry and UCLA-DOE Laboratory of Structural Biology and Molecular Medicine
  • The PredictProtein server - EMBL Heidelberg
  • Protein-Protein Interaction Server
  • Cn3D - Modeling and graphics server.
  • SWISS-MODEL - An Automated Comparative Protein Modeling Server
  • Blast - NCBI's blast



Teaching Crystallography